Christian Goodall
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Christian Goodall

Christian has a career spanning more than 25 years. He has worked for NAB, CBA, St George and BOQ.

Christian’s professional life began as a teller before moving into a plethora of fields including Personal and Private Banking, Directorships, State Management positions and national roles as Head of Banking.

“The majority of my corporate career has been spent extensively working within and leading private banking teams. ‘Distinctive Finance’ has been created to accurately reflect our ethos, namely a high touch client service model. The two key differences that we also align ourselves with is both the understanding of the associated high costs to be considered with private clients. Also the longevity of tenure one would expect from their dedicated financial specialist.”

Christian is married to Cate and has three children, Erica, Jade and Marcus. His hobbies include Golf, Boxing, Motor Sports and spending time with his family. He is also a Black Belt in Karate.

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